October 18


OBS Settings for Gaming Streaming and Recording

OBS Settings for Gaming Streaming and Recording

OBS is a free desktop recording application – it will record your desktop while gaming, and allow you to tweak microphone inputs, webcam settings and much more.

Download OBS Studio for Windows, Mac or Linux. OBS Studio is officially distributed as a Flatpak on Flathub and a PPA for Ubuntu 20.04 and newer.

Marmite Gaming Settings:

In essence, these settings will clean and prioritize your voice sounds through the microphone — removing background hiss, deepening your tone, making your voice sound crisper than normal.

Set your sources to record as DESKTOP + MIC + AUDIO obviously tweak this to your preferred sources:

Microphone Audio

This will enhance your microphone voice when you are talking:

Desktop Audio

This will reduce the game sounds slightly when you are talking:



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