Marmite SCUM Server Rules

The MARMITE SCUM SERVER is a Survival focussed server filled with friendly players. It's Player Vs Environment with some shootey PVP thrown in.

This world is out to get you, angry puppets, robots, wolves, bears or good old-fashioned viruses and infections are all trying to kill you. Simply trying to survive is hard enough.

Build anywhere, but watch for baddies. Baddies raid bases to steal things. Baddies might snipe at you while you are on the toilet. Poop Quick and Survive!

The rules are simple –

  • #1 Have Fun. SCUM is a game!
  • Be NICE! (Until it’s time NOT to be nice, of course)
  • Even tho we all like to be friendly, with everything (and everyone) trying to kill you - that friendly stranger could be a baddie. Stranger Danger.
  • Assume everyone is out to get you. Be Cautious. Be Careful. Be Friendly.
  • Build Anywhere on the map -- but make sure you lock it up.
  • SAFE ZONES -- Build in a WHITE zone if you want to be in a group of like-minded friendly PVE Builders. This is the safest area to build because player lock-pickling is disabled and your neighbours will protect your house while you are away.
  • The whole map has Mech/Robot Damage at 50%, so guarded bases are more fun to raid. But watch for hostile players, high risk and high reward. Expect to be shot at!

If you meet someone, why not be NICE and help them? If they are rude, then maybe it’s time to not be so nice.

How do the WHITE zones work?

WHITE FRIENDLY BUILDING ZONES – NO BASE DAMAGE and LOCK PICKING BLOCKED. Expect to see other players, interact and help each other. You can build a base anywhere on the map, of course, but it can be raided just like a standard SCUM MAP. Building in the WHITE zones gives you an extra level of safety and community. So, WHITE is the safest place to build your base.

Marmite SCUM Server Rules

Marmite SCUM Server Environment