July 12


SCUM s03e01 – A New Beginning with the USCG

Marmite 6.0 has fresh underpants, a new shiny helmet and resprayed Laika (which he drives around the town centre blaring Hit’s of the 80’s at max volume to impress the ladies) and he is ready to explore the Weapons Factory (aka Coast Guard base) in Z1. Will those underpants still be fresh in 30 minutes?

Marmite Survives | SCUM DayZ

About MetaMarmite – Surviving (or more accurately TRYING to survive)

Welcome to the Marmite Survives channel, thank-you for subscribing ?

If you are watching Mr Marmites nonsensical video content, then you already know this is all about me wandering around, muttering and waffling while playing Survival Games. Do not watch if you are triggered by a mumbling Englishman living abroad, muttering, swearing and waffling about life in general and zombies specifically. Simply trying to survive… and have a laugh along the way… SCUM is the best survival game out there and with it being in early release (alpha) and growing by the day, come and enjoy exploring this huge world with me. If you want to interact or guide me please leave a comment, or come and join Team Marmite on Discord at https://discord.gg/p6v4cBPFDQ

About Scum Game
Scum is a multiplayer online survival game, developed by Croatian studio Gamepires. The SCUM game is a “prison riot survival game” and featuring an open world based on an area of Croatia. As a player, you will parachute into the map and must explore, survive and evade other dead players in the form of Zombies (aka ‘puppets’). The game offers third and first-person perspectives, and a multitude of weapons, vehicles and as many variants as the developers can think of. New items, challenges and adventures added with every update.

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Have Fun, You Scumbags!

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