March 29


A Roadtrip to visit Uncle Brenner

Pegleg and Mr. Brenner

In the desolate lands of SCUM they dwell, Pegleg and Mr. Brenner, an odd pair, you can tell. One limps with a wooden leg, weathered and worn, The other, a ghastly creature, twisted and torn.

Pegleg, the survivor, grizzled and tough, His eye patch concealing secrets, dark and rough. He roams the wasteland, searching for scraps, A rusty blade in hand, ready for traps.

And then there’s Mr. Brenner, a curious sight, Half-human, half-monster, bathed in eerie light. His hunger insatiable, his appetite dire, Feasting on unlucky souls caught in his mire.

Together they wander, an unlikely duo, Pegleg’s wisdom guiding, Mr. Brenner’s wails in tow. They share stories by the campfire’s flickering glow, Of lost loves, hidden bunkers, and the winds that blow.

Pegleg recounts battles, scars etched deep, While Mr. Brenner hums a haunting tune in his sleep. Their camaraderie forged in the crucible of strife, Two misfits surviving, clinging to life.

So raise a tin can to Pegleg and his spectral friend, In the unforgiving world of SCUM, they’ll defend. For in this wasteland of chaos and decay, Their odd companionship thrives, come what may.



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