March 29


Buggy Scum Sky Pods

Nice little glitch here from our Gamepire Overlords. The ever floating gift from the skygods, while zomberoonies battle with a Wolf – and a pair of hillside snipers.

Bugs in the Wasteland

In the desolate realm of SCUM they creep, Where glitches dance and secrets lie deep. Pegleg limps, his wooden leg a tale, And Mr. Brenner, spectral, haunting the trail.

Desync hums like a restless fly, Lag weaves its web, catching players awry. Servers, ancient relics from prehistoric days, Spawn hackers and hoarders in chaotic arrays.

Paragraphs? Nay, they’re tools of the devil, As Pegleg and Brenner navigate this peril. Private communities, their refuge and creed, Where bugs and desync are woven into need.

Admins wield power, whispers of abuse, In this society of SCUM, they choose. Yet bugs persist, like stubborn gnats, Buzzing, biting, defying all stats.

So raise a rusty blade to the bugs’ plight, In SCUM’s twisted landscape, day and night. For glitches and insects, both strange and wild, Define this game—chaos and survival reconciled.


Gamepires, SCUMgame

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