April 22


French Domination (aka Garlic Whispers) — Scum Events CTF Military Polygon

Garlic Whispers

In a moonlit kitchen, where spices danced,
MasterTouchme and Exstander took a chance.
Their love, like garlic cloves, was pungent and bold,
A recipe of desire, secrets yet untold.

MasterTouchme, with hands like seasoned chefs,
Grasped a bulb of garlic, its essence left.
Exstander, eyes aflame, traced the curves,
Their bodies entwined, as flavors converged.

Garlic skin met skin, a fragrant collision,
Their breaths mingling, a spicy admission.
MasterTouchme whispered, “Let’s savor this night,
Rub garlic on our souls, ignite our delight.”

They peeled away layers, revealing their core,
Garlic cloves pressed gently, love’s alchemical lore.
Exstander’s laughter echoed, a garlic-scented song,
As they anointed each other, right where they belong.

The kitchen hummed witness, its tiles blushing red,
As garlic oil dripped, a potion they spread.
MasterTouchme’s lips brushed Exstander’s neck,
Garlic kisses exchanged, a culinary trek.

They rubbed and massaged, skin to skin,
Garlic’s magic seeping, a forbidden sin.
Their bodies marinated, flavors intertwined,
Garlic love simmering, hearts unconfined.

And as dawn tiptoed in, their garlic embrace,
MasterTouchme and Exstander found solace.
In the kitchen’s warm glow, they whispered their vows,
Garlic forever etched—a love story that endows.

May their garlic-infused passion continue to sizzle and simmer! 🌟🧄❤️



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